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About Tip


"This is the most traditional and versatile tip shape. It provides a balanced sound and works well for various playing styles and music genres"


"Commanding Brilliance

Experience the brilliance of our meticulously designed big round tip—an emblem of command and versatility. Crafted with exceptional care, it effortlessly produces a full, resonant sound that commands attention. Whether you're delivering thunderous beats or exploring intricate rhythms, this tip ensures every note is an emphatic expression of your musicality."

"This tip shape has a larger surface area, producing a full and rich sound. It is often preferred by drummers playing rock and heavy music for its ability to create powerful rim shots."


"A pointed tip offers a focused sound with more defined articulation, making it suitable for jazz drummers and situations where precision is crucial."


"This tip shape combines elements of the round and pointed tips, providing a balance between the two. It can be used effectively in various styles of music."


"Resembling the shape of an acorn, this tip provides a warm and mellow sound and is favored by some drummers for its versatility."


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