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Stage in Lights


Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Order Questions or Changes
    If you have any questions at all about your order, please see our Contact Us page. For questions about your online order related to status or payment, please contact our order Customer Service can be reached Monday-Friday 10am-5pm GMT+03:00 at 00905327456375
  • Can you ship my order to a P.O. Box?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to ship online orders to a P.O. Box address. For any other questions about your order, please see our Contact Us page.
  • What kind of wood is used to make Symrna drumsticks?
    Strandja Oak & Hop-hornbeam
  • What are the different types of tips and how do they affect the sound?
    Teardrop: Slightly broad surface of this tip draws full, lower pitched sounds from cymbals and drums. Barrel: A heftier versatile shape that creates a deep rounded sound. Acorn: This angular tip produces a more articulated cymbal response, but also has the heft to make it suitable for playing Rock. Round: Bouncy and responsive, these tips produce fuller cymbal sounds and fatter drum sounds depending on their size.
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