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What’s a different Strandja Oak Drumsticks?

Strandja Oak drumsticks are known for their specific tonal characteristics, which can vary from other types of wood commonly used for drumsticks, such as hickory and maple. The tonal difference in oak drumsticks can be described as follows:

  • Rich and Warm: Oak drumsticks often produce a rich and warm tone, which can be pleasing for various styles of drumming, especially in situations where a mellow and rounded sound is desired. it provides much more successful tuning than other trees.

  • Weight: Japanese Oak drumsticks tend to be heavier compared to drumsticks made from other woods. This additional weight can result in a more powerful and pronounced sound when striking the drums or cymbals. In Strandja Oak drumstick, on the other hand, this excess weight is not out of the question. Their weight is similar to Hickory and other drumstick.

  • Enhanced Durability: Oak is a dense and sturdy wood, making oak drumsticks more durable and able to withstand heavy playing. This durability can contribute to a consistent tone over time, as the drumsticks are less prone to chipping or breaking.

  • Rebound: the recoil is much more balanced compared to hickory and conventional drumsticks

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